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About Cellsense Store

You can now order your Cellsense accessory products online!  Spares and accessories for your Cellsense search systems can now be purchased through this website.

We only ship to the USA right now.  International orders coming soon!

Cellsense® – Detects all cell phones and more

Cellsense – the world’s most portable full body scanner, detects all cell phones, whether turned on or off, no matter where they are hidden.  Cellsense also detects other contraband—even when concealed in the body.  

Breakthrough technology by Metrasens  detects cell phones, weapons and other illicit items.  Cellsense products and services are used in corrections/prisons, law enforcement, government/ military, and commercial venues worldwide. Metrasens products make people and places more secure.



For more information about our products please visit our website.  Alternatively, you can email us sales@cellsensegroup.com or you can contact us by telephone (630) 541-6509


Cellsense® is a registered trademark of Metrasens.